Raise a Strom of Good Hope



As the community’s schools could not accommodate all the children, a group of private individuals founded the Stormont Madubela Primary School in 1984 – in a shack. Nearly 20 years later the number of learners has grown from initially 50 to 400.

The school is in the heart of Nyanga, a township on the Cape Flats. It consists of mostly shipping containers as classrooms, which are too small for the number of children in each class. The sanitary facilities are a disgrace and need urgent uplifting. Currently only 4 toilets are working for 400 learners.

School books are also a huge challenge for the school. Currently, many of the students rely on photocopies from the official books.

Each school holidays the school is broken into and valuable furniture and other hardware stolen. Despite all these harsh circumstances a very dedicated principal who is assisted by wonderful warm and motivated teachers runs the school.

We wish to make a valuable contribution to improve the learning conditions for 400 learners and you can be part of it!

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(( UPDATE 28th of August 2014 ))

Building to start within 2 weeks

With the help of many friends, but in particular the Germany based Stiftung “Ein Herz für Kinder“, the Rotary Club Wetter-Herdeck, the Switzerland based NGO “Verein Ubuntu” and the Rotary Club of Cape Town Noon Gun we were able to raise a substantial amount of funds for the Stormont Madubela School.

During the past weeks we have looked at three different builders and compared quotes. We have approached the Cape Town Company Petroplan who is willing to donate various building equipment ranging from toilet bowls to ceiling boards. After quite a lenghty vetting process we decided to engange with the company Relo. The owner, German immigrant Reinhold Lofink, has supported the project for over two years now, has visited the site several times and will also be able to guide the project out of one hand without using subcontractors. This was important in order to ensure a reliable quality and also a clear responsibility for the implementation. The first phase will see the erection of nearly a complete new ablution facilities. We will use parts of the existing structures, but considerable enlarge them. The children will get a proper roof over the area in front of the new facilities where drinking fountains will be erected. We engaged with local architect Jaco Reverchon who donated all his time for free for our project and who really came up with many fantastic ideas.

We will tear down the low concrete outside wall and replace it with iron fencing which will be much higher but also wich will create a see through open feeling. During the first phase the school will also get a complete new entrance gate and all broken windows and doors will be fixed. We expect the project to take 2 months. It will be done while the school is active. We are super exited that we finally start and we will keep you updated!