Ananda Kutir Ashrama

The Ananda Kutir Ashrama was founded in 1982 by Mother Yogeshwari, Swami Parvathiananda and a group of inspired friends. The spiritual lineage of Ananda Kutir began with the 20th Century Saint H.H. Sri Swami Sivananda Maharaj, who significantly contributed to the worldwide dissemination of yoga by teaching Integral Yoga. One of his foremost disciples, Sri Swami Venkatesananda visited South Africa regularly and it was through his inspiration and guidance that the Ashrama was established. Serve, love, give are just a few of the principles of Integral Yoga and in the spirit of helping and serving others the Outreach Project was born in 1984. Solely volunteers run the project and there are no administrative costs. All the funds received go directly into the project. The goal of the Outreach is to assist those living in impoverished conditions in Cape Town, particularly the children, the elderly and those affected by TB and HIV / Aids by proving nutrition, teaching practical life skills and acting as a collection point for clothing, blankets and household items which are distributed regularly to those in need. The Stormont Madubela Primary School has been part of the Outreach for over a decate and the ashram managed to raise funds to help with school books, stationary, repairs and food ever since.

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GSDH Digital Marketing South Africa

GSDH is a digital marketing agency based in South Africa and Switzerland. GSDH was one of the first supporters of this project and part of developing the “Storm of Good Hope” campaign. GSDH supports us in all digital and communication aspects such as the development of this website, our newsletter and general campaign work for fundraising.

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Rotary Club of Cape Town Noon Gun

The Rotary Club of Cape Town Noon Gun is the 60th Rotary Club to be chartered by Rotary International in District 9350, which includes territories as far-flung as parts of Namibia and Angola. The 25 members of the new Noon Gun club represent five different nationalities making it already exceptionally international in character. The Noon Gun Club was successfully chartered within six weeks on 16 March 2010.

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Ein Herz für Kinder (A Heart for Children)

What we stand for

Since the beginning “Ein Herz für Kinder” stands for the same principles. In the beginning our main focus lay in children and road-traffic-safety. Since then we have expanded our initiative and focus towards education, environmental issues, health-related issues, education and poverty as the weakest members of society, children, are faced with those issues daily.

What we stand for

“Ein Herz für Kinder” has contributed a considerable amount of money towards renovations of the school.

Click here to go to the Stormont Madubela Primary School project on “Ein Herz für Kinder” (German).


The School Fee Coffee – changing lives one coffee at a time

The School Fee is a project created to raise awareness and funds for Madubela Primary School.

How the project works

The beauty of the School Fee is that participating in the project costs businesses almost nothing, but will make a big difference in children’s lives and will earn businesses a massive amount in PR and free advertising.

To get involved, all businesses need to do is create a coffee on their menu and call it ‘The School Fee’. All the proceeds of this symbolic coffee will go to the Madubela School Project.

Alternatively, retailers or companies can sell any brand of coffee ‘for free’ in a their store or office. ‘Pay for a free coffee and put a child through school for one year.

The School Fee Coffee is one of the joint projects for Stormont Madubela Primary amongst our friends at the ad agency Lowe & Partners Cape Town, our friends at the digital marketing agency GSDH in Cape Town, Vanessa Hartmann, Philipp Hartmann and Armin Vakili.

We are currently still looking for coffee shops and coffee chains who would like to join this initiative. Please contact us if you run a coffee shop, a coffee chain and would like to get involved or if you know someone who knows someone…



Santam’s “67 Minutes” Mandela Day for Stormont Madubela Primary

“Mr Mandela has spent 67 years making the world a better place. We’re asking you for 67 minutes.”

By giving a little of your time to make a change that’s close to your heart or by giving a little of your time to make a difference to the life of someone else, you can start changing the world around you.

Santam recently not only donated money to renew almost all the broken windows and light fittings but they also organised a lunch for all the learners of Stormont School.

Read more on Mandela Day here.


Verein Ubuntu

The Swiss organisation „Ubuntu“ was founded in October 2013 by Nadja Perone (mother South African, born in Austria, living in Switzerland), Claudia Custodia (born in Austria, living in Switzerland) and Judith Flatz (born in Austria and living there). All of them have visited South Africa more than once and of course fallen in love with the beauty of this country and their people.

When they asked Philipp Hartmann if he knew of a project in Cape Town and he introduced Stormont Madubela Primary School it was clear they wanted to support it. Not only short term but long term and on a professional basis.

A lot has happened since Judiths’ and Nadjas’ visit to South Africa in January this year. They did not only visit the school but also meet the great people involved in this project. It is amazing to see all different kind of people from different countries working together to achieve one thing: building a new school and a future for the children of Nyanga.

In this short time they were able to publicize the project to their friends, family and business partners. The amount of funds raised are used 100 % for the Stormont Madubela Primary School.

The next big event is a charity concert in the bar and restaurant Habsburg in Widnau, Switzerland. This will take place on the 13 September 2014. All the bands are playing for free. „Ubuntus‘“ goal is to raise funds at least worth CHF 10‘000.

„I am because we are“.

Click here to visit Ubuntu’s homepage.

Jaco Reverchon

Jaco Reverchon / Jaco Reverchon Architects

Jaco Reverchon is a Cape Town based architect. Jaco has been supporting us since 2012 and has helped us assessing the building requirements and has planned the building & site for us free of charge. Thank you Jaco!

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